Adding semantics

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The input and editing of a semantic depends on a values type of the semantics information.

There are several types of semantics information (attributes):

- string;

- number;

- file name;

- pointer to the map object;

- numeral semantics code from the map classifier.




String attribute is an arbitrary string of characters typed from keyboard or retrieved from text file. The text file can be created in any text editor or automatically if option Add to file is set on. Default text file name is TITLE.TXT if it is stored in data catalog associated with the map.  File name is customized to user's wish. This file is appended automatically by entering values if option Add  to file is on.

When entering numeric data dialog shows value limits (if any) -minimum and maximum. If entering value does not satisfies this condition you get appropriate error message.

If the attribute type is File name of the object, File name selection dialog gets opened.

If the semantic attribute already existed, at a mouse double click in the selected line of the list the view program for the preset file is called.

To view file contents you can use one of the standard viewers from list opened by Setup of the browser. command

When entering Reference data type to the convertional map object is set unique number of the object.

At input of a value by the way of numerical code from the classifier of values the list of titles appropriate to definite codes is offered from which the choice is made.

You can add and delete object semantic characteristics.

To deleting is not subject the semantic, on which sort of the object depends.

At addition the list of valid semantics consists of a title of a semantic, code of a semantic and tag of compulsion. The mandatory semantic is marked by symbol +  and is subject to mandatory addition.

Possibility of adding and editing semantics of type the Link to the file folder has been implemented. Value of semantics is the name of directory, which contains many files of different formats and folders.

If the semantics are not filled, then when accessing it, a dialog is called to select a folder name. When accessing the filled-in semantics Link to the file folder, a list of files contained in the root folder and subfolders is automatically generated. By double click by a mouse on the chosen file, the corresponding program of recognizing and processing the file is started. When referring to documents, tables and graphic images, the contents of the file are displayed; when referring to spatial data, the dataset is opened in a separate GIS window.

If the folder contains documents that do not need to be edited, then it can be compressed into a ZIP file, and the object can be assigned the semantics of the Link to a file type. Actions with documents will be the same as when linking to a folder.