Building of a profile along a line

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ic_8133 The given mode allows to build a surface profile along a line using a matrix of heights. The line is set by reference points. Setting of the reference points starts by the left mouse button click and finishes by the double mouse click or by the combination  of left - right mouse button click.

The result is displayed in a window as the diagram where the vertical axis marks absolute height in meters, and horizontal - length of a line in meters.

At mouse moving along a line in Elevation and Distance windows values of heights at first, last and current points of a line and also distance from the beginning of a line up to the current point  in meters are displayed. In Profile hieght window the distance from the Earth surface in the current  point of a profile up to a line connecting initial and final points is displayed.

In the given mode there is an opportunity to rise / lower initial, final, current points on the certain height. For this purpose the necessary size must be entered into the appropriate field Z offset.  Profile image  may be scaled by having changed the sizes of a window by mouse (to stretch, to compress).

The mode carries out preservation of the profile image in  WMF, EMF files, in further it allows to print the image, to use it in documents WORD etc. For this purpose it is necessary to press Save as button to choose a file name and the appropriate expansion. For saving a profile into a text file the user should specify discreteness of movement along object (step of interpolation). At the switched on Print of length and number mode the number of the current point, X, Y, H coordinates and distance from the beginning of a profile up to the current point are entered into a file, at  the switched off mode - only coordinates are entered into a file.

The buttons Selected, Next, Prev are intended for work with marked objects. By pressing the buttons Next, Prev a repainting a profile for the next (or previous) of selected objects will be done. The mouse cursor on a map also goes to the next (previous) object.

By pressing the Selected button the dialogue "Location and name of text file" becomes active. In this dialog it is necessary to specify how to generate an unique name of a text file (by semantics or by object number) and how to save object points into a text file (save the points of the metrics or points on a contour of object with the specified step). If on the disk the files with the specified names  already exist they will be rewritten.

Being switched on Parameters bookmark it is possible to choose colors for the profile and lines  of connection of the first – current - last points for display, to extinguish the image of auxiliary lines, to set a vertical and horizontal step of a grid. If you choose All profile value in a horizontal step the image of profile completely is located in a window.

At inclusion of the mode Allow Earth curvature the profile is reconstructed in view of the Earth curvature. As this mode is applicable only for a direct line, construction is carried out for a full profile, if it has two reference points or for a piece of a line (two the nearest to current the reference points are selected).

The included mode Averaging height carries out calculation of absolute height on average  values, thus the  profile image smooths out.

Parameters of a session (lines color, profile color, Z offset, Allow Earth curvature) are kept in file PANORAMA.INI and restored at the subsequent loading.