Running applications

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ic_8039 - Run applications is intended to call individual tasks scripts Python.



This dialog is presented in the form of a tree consisting of topics and applied tasks, and includes the following modes:

ic_971 - Add topic.

ic_344 - Add application. When you click this button, the Selection of application file name dialog is started. The task is then added into the currently selected topic. If the directory with the application contains a file with the same name, but with the .ico extension, then an icon corresponding to this task will appear next to the conventional name.

ic_345 - Deleting the selected task or topic.

icon_sel_app - Select application. When you click this button, the Selection of application file name dialog is started. It also supports calling the mode when you right-click on the selected task in the tree.

ic_8039 - Run Applications. In order to start a task, you must click on this button (double-click the left mouse button on the conditional name of the task or use the ENTER key). If the task is running, an icon ic_347 will appear next to the conventional name, by clicking on which you can disable the task.

ic_972 - Application choice. Displays a list of the most recently started tasks. To quickly start a recently started task, select it from the list.


ic_348 - Save. When the list is saved, the maptask.~ ini file is formed, into which the previous state of the applications list is saved. Upon completion of the dialog, the current list is saved automatically if any changes have been made in it.

In the tree, topics can be indicated by icons ic_343 (node ​​expanded) or ic_342 (node ​​collapsed). The state of the node is changed by a single click on the icon.

Editing of the conditional name of a topic or an application is carried out using a single left-click on the selected task (topic).

You can also move tasks from one topic to another one, change their order.


The title of the Run applications window displays the name of the DLL file of the currently selected task and information about the number of topics and tasks (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F). In the Run applications dialog, you can perform search by topic or application name. The search is carried out by the first match of the typed text in the string, case-insensitive (for example, the search string: "pro"; the text to search for: "Modify raster projection"). Information about the number of matches is displayed next to the search text entry line.