Vector map

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The digital vector map contains the information corresponding to ground area in a defined  scale, projection, coordinate system, as a collection of metrics (coordinates) and semantics (attribute) properties for real objects (lake, forest etc.) as well as for conditional objects (flood zone, administrative boundary etc.) of region.

The separate objects of a vector map can logically be integrated on layers, type and attributes installed by the users. Thus the outline of a data representation will be derived which is applied for solution of the different applied tasks.

The description of object classes, semantic characteristics, layers, conditional signs used for creation of digital map on graphics devices is stored in digital map classifier  (resource file).

For plotting user's site on a map and solutions of the different applied tasks contents of the digital classifier can be considerably supplemented by resources of the classifier editor GIS Panorama.

Loading digital vector maps into data base is fulfilled by installation of logical connections between objects of digital maps and appropriate classifier records of a digital vector map.

Panorama program provides mapping a working region consisting of several sheets, as unit, that facilitates solution of the applied tasks on large territories. The separate sheets of a working region can be refreshed at any moment, are edited without necessity of additional operations above remaining sheets of a working region.