Data preparation

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The mode «Data preparation» is intended for formation of the project of shooting. The project of shooting is formed in the form of a text file and contains the list of files of JPEG photos from the catalog of original images. For each JPEG photo, the mandatory data is added into a text file of the project of shooting:

- Coordinates of the photographing point;

- Date and time of shooting.


In the file of the shooting's project the storage of additional information about the JPEG photo is provided:

- Height above sea level;

- Date and time of image editing;

- GPS: Mode of measurements (2D, 3D);

- GPS: DOP (factor of dilution of precision);

- Snapshot description;

- The firm - manufacturer of the camera;

- Camera model;

- Software;

- Camera owner.


When changing the composition of JPEG files (in the catalog of images on disk), you need to update the project: press the button «Data preparation».