Constructions along object

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ic_0020  Modes of the Construction along object  group are intended for mapping of point and linear objects on the basis of the linear coordinate system defined by linear object - a route. Execution of calculations along a route is carried out on the basis of measurement of distance along a route.

In the process of calculations, the calculation is carried out by the measurements of the spatial coordinates (X, Y, H) and the display of the calculation results on the map in the form of a picket (point mark) or a segment (linear mark), limited by two pickets.

When choosing one of the modes on the Construction along object panel, the user needs to indicate on the map a linear route, relative to which the constructing will be performed. The construction results are the pickets and segments.

ic_0066_new - Route calibration;

ic_0067_new - Placing pickets along the route;

ic_0068_new - Placing segments along a route;

ic_0070    - Placing pickets along the route using data from a file;

ic_0071    - Placing pickets along the route with indication of the side according to the data from the file;

ic_0072    - Arrangement of pieces along object.