Geodesy Editor

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For data processing of geodetic researches the GEODESY programs block is stipulated in system, it contains the following modules: Geodesy editor, Execution of geodesy calculations  and Import of data from geodetic devices .  

Execution of geodesy calculations  module represents a complex of procedures intended for the decision of the tasks of calculation and adjustment (equalizing) of geodetic measurements. The procedures which are a part of a complex allow to execute data processing of field measurements, to plot results of calculations and will make the accounting documentation in the form of calculated sheets. Using the procedures which are a part of a complex it is possible: to construct and balance a theodolitic course of any configuration, to solve a direct geodetic task (by method of polar coordinates, by method of linear notches (resections), to calculate area of the closed polygon by coordinates of its border points, etc. With a view of automation of creation process of land-management (surveying) affair there is developed a procedure of formation of the accounting documents which are a part of land-management affair on the basis of in advance prepared pattern of Microsoft Word.  

Geodesy editor  module represents toolkit for the data processing, received during land researches. Using modes of the geodetic editor it is possible to calculate coordinates of new picket points concerning objects presented on a map by the following variants: a direction or rotary angle and distance, an angular resection (notch), a linear notch, a method of normals, a return method of normals, a method of stvor, crossing of stvors. Using the pickets marked on a map (along linear object on the preset distance, inside of area object, inside of an arbitrary contour, etc.) it is possible to unite automatically them into lines or polygons. It is possible to carry out operations of a linear binding: to measure off distance on object, to place pickets along object, to build object in parallel to the chosen one, etc.  

Into structure of the geodesy editor the modes are included, allowing to automate processing the text files containing coordinates of objects. It is possible and to create objects by coordinates of their file, and to unload the coordinate description of objects into files of exchange data.  

Import of data geodetic devices  module carries out import of the digital data received in field conditions on geodetic devices, equipped by resources of electronic processing. The text files received from devices contain data in two variants. In the first case, in a text file there are direct coordinates of points (XYH) which the program places onto an output map in MAP format in the form of point objects. In the second case in a text file the data presented in the form of distances and angles are stored. These data the program transforms to an internal format and displays in the corresponding dialogue window of the program «Execution of geodesy calculations».  

The basic module of the block GEODESY is the Geodesy Editor, it carries out a call of other tasks and modes of the block and represents the panel with a set of buttons. Each button corresponds to one mode. Modes are grouped by a functional belonging into following groups:

ic_0015 - marking of pickets;

ic_0016 - processing files of exchange data;

ic_0017 - automatic creation of objects;

ic_0018 - geometry constructions on a map;

ic_0019 - geodesy calculations;

ic_0020 - constructions along object;

ic_0021 - constructions in parallel object;

ic_0022 - modification of geometry of objects;

ic_0023 - dimension labeling;

ic_0024 - processing of attributes of objects;

ic_0025 - formation of reports;

ic_0026 - create diagrams and drawings;

- earth and underground communication plan;

ic_0027 - cadastral documents;

ic_0028 - search by address;

ic_0029 - information from the State Real Estate Cadastre;

ic_0030 - parameters of geodesy editor;

ic_0219 - exit from geodesy editor.


To call on the screen the panel with tools of the geodesy editor it is possible from the main menu, Tools menu item, Geodesy Editor subitem. After a call of the task into the main menu of the program the Geodesy  item is added, and in a window of a map a panel with a set of buttons appears.  

Other variant of a call of the task is inherited from the previous versions of the program. Choose Tools menu item, Run applications subitem. In Run applications window open Geodetic tasks theme and choose the Geodetic editor. If the necessary library (geoedit.dll) is not present in the specified theme, or there is no theme you can independently add both a theme and a task. Besides, the interface of the Geodetic editor allows to insert buttons from its structure into structure of other panels, using Tools menu, the Custom panels item, Customize subitem.

During an execution of operations there is a creation of new objects, according to the installed parameters. To operate options of the Geodetic editor  it is possible through the ic_0030 Geodesy editor options  button, a part of its panel.