Automatic creation of objects

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ic_0017 Automatic creation of objects is intended for creation of objects by information already presented on a map. For example, to unite the dot pickets, received as a result of surveying of district, into linear object «road side». For creation it is possible to use standard operations of marking or to use modes from the panel Mark stations. As a result of a procedure execution there is a creation of new object of a map. In the given panel the following modes are stipulated:  

ic_0394 - join of pickets by sequence;  

ic_0395 - join of pickets by the shortest distance;  

ic_0397 - create convex polygon;  

ic_0396 - create star-shaped polygon;  

ic_0056 - create a Voronoi diagram;

ic_0054 - construct a triangulation by marked pickets;

ic_0055 - alignment of the centers of selected polygons.


As a result of operation by the pickets selected on a map the creation of objects will be made, according to a code specified in parameters of setting.