Cadastral documents

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To automate the processing of cadastral and land survey data, preestablished settings are used for the codes of objects and attributes of the digital classifier of the survey.rsc map of the actual version.

Important! If in the data there is no actual version of the map created according to the survey.rsc classifier, the buttons of the «Cadastral documents» panel will not be available.

The digital classifier survey.rsc of the actual version, containing necessary contents of objects and attributes of a cadastral map, is included into program delivery.

ic_0027 The button activates the Cadastral documents task, intended  to call various modes of forming electronic and textual cadastral documents, including:  

ic_0133 - Real estate cadastre;

ic_0134 - Create object from an XML file of the cadastre;

ic_0154 - Reading the cadastral plan of the territory and updating the map;

ic_0135 - Editing attributes of a cadastral object;

ic_0136 - Map (plan) of the object land;

ic_0155 - description of the location of the boundaries of settlements;

ic_0137 - A document about establishment of territorial zones;

ic_0138 - A document about establishment of the boundaries of objects;

ic_0139 - A document about changes in the characteristics of land;

ic_0140 - A document about delineation of the Russian Federation;

ic_0141 - Arrangement plot on the cadastral plann;

ic_0142 - The project land surveying;

ic_0143 - Land Survey Plan;

ic_0144 - Technical plan building;

ic_0145 - Technical plan construction;

ic_0146 - Technical plan of the linear structure;

ic_0147 - Technical plan object under construction;

ic_0148 - Technical plan premises;

ic_0149 - Technical plan parking lots;

ic_0150 - Technical plan of a single real estate complex;

ic_0151 - Certificate of inspection of the property;

ic_0152 - Check XML-file for compliance with XSD-scheme;

ic_0132 - Viewing and editing XML-file;

ic_0153 - Electronic digital signature (EDS);

ic_8055 - Parameters formation of cadastral documents;

ic_0219 - Exit.