Constructions in parallel to the object

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ic_0021 The given modes are intended for an execution of constructions on a map, connected with existing objects. At a choice of one of modes on the panel Constructions in parallel object it is necessary to the user to specify on a map linear or square object (or their part) concerning which constructions will be carried out.  

In the program the following variants of constructions are stipulated:  

ic_0073 - building object in parallel (an any choice);

ic_0074 - building object in parallel on distance;  

ic_0075 - building object in parallel through a point;

ic_0076 - building a piece in parallel;

ic_0077 - building a dissecting line in parallel;

ic_0078 - building a piece in parallel through a point;

ic_0079 - building a dissecting line in parallel through a point;

ic_0080 - to build a zone around of linear object.  


As a result of an execution of any of modes the new linear object will be created which pieces of the metrics are parallel to the metrics of initial object.