Processing of files of exchange formats

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ic_0016 During an execution of office analysis of data of topographic-geodetic researches there is a necessity to execute loading of data from some files of exchange data. Result of loading are the objects on a map. Besides, as a result of processing, on a map there are new objects, hence, there is a necessity to execute an unloading of the information from a map into files of exchange data.  

The main assignment of the panel Processing of files of the exchange data is the realization of import-export of data of various exchange formats used at making land-management works.  

ic_0037 - save object as a theodolitic course;  

ic_0038 - save selected pickets as polar survey (shooting);  

ic_0039 - saving selected objects into one file *.csv;  

ic_0040 - saving selected objects as multi files *.csv;  

ic_0041 - save the selected objects to the format MIF/MID;

ic_0044 - create point objects from *.txt file;  

ic_0045 - create point objects from *.csv file;  

ic_0046 - create linear object from *.csv file;  

ic_0047 - create polygon object from *.csv file;  

ic_0048 - saving marked pickets into one file *.xyh;  

ic_0049 - create objects from *.xyh file;  

ic_0050 - create objects from *.cxyz file;

ic_0051 - saving selected objects into *.TOB file;

ic_0052 - creation of linear and polygon objects from *.tob file;

ic_0053 - creation of the catalogue of coordinates from file PNT.