Processing of attributes of objects

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ic_0024 Modes of the panel Processing of attributes of objects are intended for processing objects with the 3D-metrics (X, Y, H) and executions of group operations with semantics of the objects received as a result of field measurements. For these purposes in the geodetic editor the following modes are stipulated:  

ic_0098 - to calculate missing heights of points of a line;

ic_0099 - get meaning height on object;

ic_0100 - get meaning height;

ic_0101 - get to the object the value from matrix;

ic_0102 - to write down value of Н coordinate into semantics;

ic_0103 - write down the value of semantics into H coordinate;

нарезка_матриц - cutting of matrixes;

нумерация объектов - numbering of objects, from west to east, in rows, from north to south;

сшить объекты - union of objects.