Formation of reports

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ic_0025 Group of modes Formation of reports is intended for formation of graphic and textual report documents. Into the report the coordinate and attributive description of object is placed. The coordinate description is taken from the metrics of objects, and attributive data can be received from two sources: from semantics of object or from the table of a database.    

Graphic reports represent the drawing created by the program by settings specified by user. The drawing is formed automatically in a format of the user map of the GIS Panorama.    

The textual report contains a combination of the text information, tables and graphic representations of map fragments. The text information and tables are filled on the basis of data of the metrics and semantics of objects. Graphic images of map fragment are created in an interactive mode and contain the scheme of objects of the land management, created on the basis of options specified by the user. Text reports are formed in a format of documents Microsoft Word or Excel.    


Following modes are stipulated:

ic_0105 - Create schema objects and filling the report;  

ic_0106 - to print the description of ground area on semantics of object;  

ic_0107 - to insert into WORD the picture of selected fragment of map;  

ic_0108 - to print the summary report on the allocated (selected) objects;  

ic_0109 - to print the report under the metrics of object in excel;

ic_0110 - town-planning plan of the land plot;

ic_0111 - to print an outline of rotary points of object;

ic_0112 - to print outlines of strong points (the allocated dot objects);  

ic_0113 - to generate the protocol of GPS-measurements;

tracca - building a road profile.