Creating map object

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ic_8266 To create map object you should define its sample (map symbol), ground coordinates (metrics) and attributes (semantic).

Choice of object sample is executed by special dialog that also allows to set method of object creation (manual or semi-automatic vectoring (tracing) of a raster, manual enter of coordinates or loading coordinates from a text file, etc.).

Mapping sample of selected object is represented in an auxiliary Sample window. If necessary it is possible to execute fast searching of the necessary object by its name or classification code. To apply object type selection press OK button.

Besides, you can select object type from Map Legend (if any).

Depending on object type there are several ways of metrics building: creation of line object, creation of point object, creation of polygon object, creation of label.

Liner and area objects can be created by mode of semi-automatic vectoring.

Semantics adding follows after input of the object metrics by dialog. The appropriate dialog opens just if corresponding parameters are set in Map editor options.