Digital map

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Digital map is a user-composed set of digital terrain data related to a specific area.

Digital map may be based on vector map of region, raster map or elevation or feature matrix.

Once main dataset is opened user can expand it by any other data (to compose Digital map).

As an additional data there can be user's vector maps, raster images, matrices. Use File menu options and dialogs of user maps lists, rasters lists, matrixes lists to add datasets to your map.

When closing digital map, description of its structure is saved in text files with INI extensions. Therefore, at next opening  of a base map (vector, raster or matrix) by user all structure of a digital map will be restored.

Relative location of objects of different types and scaling are defined automatically based on passport data. Map passport is filled at the step of map creation (for raster map - when it is converting from external formats) and can be edited any time.

Combining objects of different types and changing parameters such as location, scaling, displaying order, color map, brightness, contrast, list of displaying objects, allows to create maps for unlimited number applications.

Using separate aerial survey images of different scales you can create orthophoto mosaics covering large ground areas and add overlaying Panorama objects according to every map specification.

You can process digital elevation models (Elevation matrices) along with raster orthophotos in order to solve a lot of planning and modeling related tasks.