Specifying the matching of attributive description


Specifying the matching of attributive description procedure is intended to transfer the values of the specified semantic characteristics of reference objects-polygons into semantics of territorially dependent selected map objects.

If the input map and a map with edited data have various classifiers, it is necessary to choose one characteristic from the list of copied semantics and to match with semantics of selected objects. Otherwise, at presence of identical classifiers, the multiple choice of copied semantics is allowed. Matching of semantic characteristics is performed by software.

In the process of transfering the semantics the polygons participate only, that were selected in the field List of reference objects.




To processing in this procedure are exposed preliminarily selected objects on a source map (for example, by means of search and mark).

For execution of procedure in a dialog window it is necessary to set the following parameters:

- To choose from the list of maps the name of an edited map (the list contain only the maps that contain selected objects and can be edited);

- To specify the name of the filled semantic characteristic (into the list only the characteristics, admissible for all selected objects, are placed);

- To choose from the list the name of a source map;

- To fill the list of polygon objects of the source map from which semantics it is necessary to take value for filling semantics of the edited selected objects;

- To specify the name of the copied semantic characteristic ( only the characteristics allowable for all objects from the installed list are placed into the list), in case chosen semantics has classifier type (about it the availability of enabling the Decoding mode testifies) to specify, whether it is necessary to decode the value of semantics before its placing into edited object;

- To specify, whether it is necessary to replace value of copied semantics at edited object at detection at him of the other value of this characteristic.

Decoding of semantics is intended for a placing into semantics of edited objects instead of a numerical code of the characteristic's value of the text corresponding to this code.

For example:

In library of an administrative map of Russia the semantics the Subject of Russian Federation has type the classifier.

At decoding this semantics from value in initial object 50 (Moscow oblast) into the semantic characteristic of edited object the text Moscow oblast will be placed.

At processing without decoding into the specified semantic characteristic of edited object the value 50 will be placed.

After execution of the program in INI file of the open map the dialog settings are saved.