Paste linear objects to control the direction and semantics

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Will be done a pasting of selected of-one-type (the same code) linear objects. The operator specifies the semantics code, which must coincide for pasted objects.  For example, when you paste objects of Hydrography it may be the own name, and for pasting contours - Absolute height. In addition, the operator specifies the values of Maximum difference and Control difference. Maximum difference - the distance within which the identification of vertexes coordinates is made and, therefore, objects pasting. If the distance between the ends of potentially pasted objects is more than Maximum difference, but less than a Control difference, information (if the corresponding option is set) is written into the protocol for subsequent interactive analysis by tools of Map Editor (the mode «View error»).




Control of the direction is made during the process of pasting, that excludes, for example, pasting of fragment of the main river channel with the influx.

Before pasting objects of hydrography it is recommended to do a procedure to «Correct direction of hydrography».

After pasting relief it is recommended that you perform the procedure «Closed polyline».