Correction of objects metrics

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The program is intended primarily for the processing of electronic vector maps, obtained through imports from other geo-information systems, as well as for the processing of electronic maps in order to prepare them for conversion into other GIS applications.

The program is a set of service functions that implement editing the objects metrics of vector electronic map in a batch mode.

By means of this program can be processed pre-selected map objects.

All procedures are conventionally divided into groups of modes that are located in separate tabs:

- Labels;

- Extra Vertex;

- Subjects;

- Clones;

- Topology;

- Others.



With this program you can perform the following procedures:


Tab «Labels»:

- Correct labels orientation (from left - to right);

- Replace metrics by semantics (Copy Text to Label field);

- Level Horizontal Labels (to correct a second point);

- Convert Unicode to character text;

- Translate names.


Tab «Extra Vertex»:

- Delete the intermediate points (for vector objects and labels);

- Delete superfluous vertex for point objects (all, except the first)


Tab «Subjects»:

- Subobjects Unite into an object (labels);

- Subobject Divide (Lines and Squares) - divide object into its constituent parts;

- Fix signs of occurrence of multipolygon subobjects;

- Combine subobjects with a common point (linear).


Tab «Clones»:

- Clones killer - delete clones (produplicated objects);

- Label Clones killer - delete clones of text with different codes


Tab «Topology»:

- Paste linear objects to control the direction and semantics;

- Harmonization of linear network (ends);

- Closed polyline (to close linear objects);

- Matching points - agree coordinates of points.


Tab «Relief»:

- Correct direction of hydrography;

- Correct direction of digitizing contour lines (right - below).


Tab «Others»:

- Length Correction (Labels and Vectors) - specify length according to the classifier (vector and labels);

- No Spline - remove the sign of the dynamic spline (lines and polygons);

- Dynamic Spline - establish a sign of the dynamic spline (lines and polygons);

- Change X <-> Y;

- No 3D - remove a sign of 3D metrics;

- Convert feet to meters;

- Convert meters to feet.