Check of vector map quality

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Quality control of a vector map task is a component of GIS Panorama system and is intended for check of structural integrity of digital data, completeness and quality of the metric and semantic description of objects and execution of automatic correction of the found errors.

For activation of task "Quality control of a vector map" it is necessary to choose Run Application item in the Tools menu and then in the list of applications in the catalog "Data control" to choose  item "Quality control of a vector map".




As a result of these actions the main window of modes choice of the control kinds, and also their parameters for the current map will be open.

Quality control of a vector map task can work in two modes:

- data control;

- data editing.


The control of data in both modes is absolutely similar. Difference consists only that results of automatic correction of errors in a mode of editing are remembered in files of a vector map.

Kinds of  vector map's control are alloted into the following groups:

- structural control of data

- control of the sheet passport;

- control of metrics;

- control of semantics;

- topological data control (control of the coordination).

- additional kinds of control.


In each group of control types, except the structural control, it is possible to set or to switch-off  the types of control which are specified in the corresponding list. It is possible to execute switching-off / switching on of each concrete type of control.

Structural control of data is carried out always and for all map objects and never can be switched  off.

It is possible to switch on/switch off all control types of group, having pressed Check all / Uncheck all button accordingly. When you press the Uncheck all button, all types of control except for the structural one are disabled.

The list of specified types of control and their parameters forms a temporary file of the scheme of control which is actual during a current session of the program of control. The current scheme of control can be changed by specifying the types of control and their parameters.  

For formation of the current scheme of control it is possible to use the previously created schemes of control by the classifier coinciding with the classifier of a controlled map.


GIS Panorama  includes:

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 1m05g. CXM (classifier 1m05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 500t05g. CXM (classifier 500t05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 200t05g. CXM (classifier 200t05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 100t05g. CXM (classifier 100t05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 50t05g. CXM (classifier 50t05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DTM 25t05g. CXM (classifier 25t05g. RSC);

- scheme of control SCHEME DCP map10000.CXM (classifier map10000.RSC).


Append scheme button allows to supplement the list of types of control of the current scheme with the list of types of control of the chosen scheme of control.

As the control scheme is created according to the object composition of the classifier, then at use of Append scheme buttons it is possible to choose only those schemes which are created by the classifier of a controlled map.

The Delete button allows to delete the chosen type of control from the scheme.

The button Clear allows to remove from the scheme all types of control, except for of structural control.

To perform editing of any repeatable type of control from Topology group, it is necessary to choose the appropriate line in the control scheme, to enter demanded changes and to press Update button.

If changes are made to the control scheme, then at the shutdown of the task of checking a vector map, the scheme is saved. In this case, when the program of checking is called again, the types of control and their parameters are set according to the values from the updated scheme.

At the first call of the control's program, the types of control and their parameters are set in accordance with the Default.cxm scheme from the directory of GIS Panorama program. Scheme Default.cxm contains types of control and their parameters which are set by default. Scheme Default.cxm can be changed by setting the necessary control types, parameters of control with the subsequent saving of the scheme with name Default.cxm in the directory of the GIS Panorama program by pressing the Save button. For restoration of standard values by default it is enough to delete the Default.cxm file from the directory of the GIS Panorama program. If at start of the program of control the Default.cxm file is absent in the GIS Panorama program directory, it is created with standard default values.

To save the current control scheme in an arbitrary file, you can apply the Save As button.

It is necessary to note that in mode of data control the information about object is automatically corrected, as well as in  mode of editing, and the subsequent kinds of control will work with already corrected information, but the remembering in files of a vector map does not occur.


Structure of information, which is subject to control/editing, may be set with help of the filter.

The status of the checking execution options ("Control", "Edit", "Create Transaction file", "Generate report", "Error break limit" - the number of errors after which the control is interrupted) is saved in the map ini-file.

Error messages for each map are recorded into the protocol and into the report on the execution of map quality control. Errors can be viewed in the control log and printed as a report document. The report document in DOC format (file <map name>.doc) or HTML (file <map name>.htm) is stored in the map directory.