- A -

Abbreviation of reference and character semantics

Adaptation of classifier to another language

Animated nodes of mark

Assignment of group semantics

Assignment of object titles, connected by semantics

Assignment, updating and deleting of object semantics

- C -

Choice of object color

Choosing semantics for recode

Classifier's control at opening

Common information

Complex titles

Compound titles

Copy of object

Create title

Creation and updating of libraries of three-dimensional images

Creation and updating of three-dimensional objects of classifier

Creation of group

Creation of new palette

- D -

Delete group

Delete object

Deleting of layers

Demonstration of texture

Digital classifier

Direction of digitizing

Distribution of object images by semantics


- E -

Editing 3D image of object

Editing an array of polygons

Editing of a mark

Editing of classifier palette

Editing of common data of objects group

Editing of fonts

Editing of fonts image

Editing of general data of the classifier

Editing of image for line objects

Editing of image for mixed objects

Editing of image for point objects

Editing of image for polygon objects

Editing of image for vector objects

Editing of layers

Editing of libraries table

Editing of material's attributes

Editing of objects

Editing of objects group

Editing of semantics

Editing of semantics classifier

Editing of semantics fields

Editing of service objects

Editing of symbol

Editing of the Description

Editing the cluster table

- F -

Filtering of classifier objects

Formatting numeral semantics

Formatting of character semantics

Formatting reference semantics (such as "List")


- G -

Graphic signs

- H -

Horizontal band

Horizontal plane

- I -

Import of classifier elements

Input and deleting of semantics

- L -

Layers classes

- M -

Main window for creating and editing objects

Mark by line

Mark by points

Mark by square

Marking of objects group

- N -

New object

- P -

Polygon with dot

Preparation and creation of digital classifier

- R -

Roof on plane

- S -

Scalability of object

Scales of visibility of classifier objects

Screen and printer view of objects

Search of objects

Semantics - templates lists

Semantics choice

Semantics templates

Service symbols and words used for describing a title format

Set of elements

Slope above the plane

- T -

The first form of the complex title

The second form of the complex title


Toolbar for work with objects of group

Transfering layers of classifier

Transfering objects of classifier

Transfering palette of classifier

Transfering semantics of classifier

TRUE TYPE symbols

- U -

Updating of objects group

User's image of object

- V -

Vertical band

Viewing of linear (squares) or point objects

- W -

Work with layer semantics