List of photo and video data

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videolist_but The mode is designed to control the polling and viewing of events in real time from remote cameras.

The dialog is presented in the form of two lists that contain all map objects that have links to photo and video data:


videolist_but2 Video cameras




videolist_but3 Photos




Modes of working with the dialog


videolist_mode1 - Viewing photo- or video data

videolist_mode2  - Show object on the map

videolist_mode3  - Set up a connection to a video camera

videolist_mode4  - Remove a link to photo- or video data from an object

cameraevent1- Setting up an event filter

videolist_mode4_2 - Disable all previously configured connections to receive events

videolist_mode5  - Save list into CSV file. This mode is designed to save information about the photo from the EXIF tag.

videolist_help  - Help


Order of connecting viewing of the camera events


1. Select a camera in the list

2. Click on the icon to the left of the camera name. By default, receiving camera events is disabled ().

3. If the camera has authorization parameters (login - password) and they have not been saved, then you will need to enter them to connect to the camera.



If the authorization parameters have been saved, then the first time you connect, you will need to enter the code set by the user to save them.


4. Set the period for polling the cameras about events in the lower right corner of the dialog


After connecting the mode of viewing the camera events, the view of the icon will change.

Indication of events:

event1 - receiving events is disabled

event2 - camera is working - no events

event3 - an event has occurred

event4 - camera is disabled


Classification of the camera events:

- movement of people, cars and other objects

- determining the fact of crossing the perimeter of the closed zone

- the appearance or disappearance of subjects

- others.


When receiving events, the line with the camera name in square brackets indicates the number of active events .

To view video data, the time of the event occurrence and its classification, you must select the «Viewing photo- or video data» mode videolist_mode1. The most important events in the list will be highlighted in orange or red color, for example, line crossing, disappearance of subjects.




To disable the mode of polling the events of camera, click the icon of events of camera again. If the camera does not support the event polling's functionality, then after the first attempt to connect, the event status icon will look like event1.


Possibility of viewing the newly appearing events is preserved in open windows of viewing the video image for all customized cameras and after closing the "Share your photos with the coordinates of the shooting" task, and in the next GIS sessions.


An example of saving photo information from an EXIF tag