Viewing a photo- and video data

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This mode is intended for viewing photos and video data from remote cameras.




Modes of work with the window for viewing photo- and video data


mode5 - Maximize the window to full screen

update_transparent - Update photo- or video data

videolist_mode - Find a camera object on the map with photo and video data

but_vieweventlog - Open Event Notification Log


Video analytics and camera control modes are available only if the video camera supports these services. The standard for interacting with a camera over the Internet is the ONVIF standard.

Activation of a subscription to events is carried out in the List of photo and video data dialog.

Video cameras that support remote control of direction and zoom are called PTZ cameras (Pan-tilt-zoom camera).


Available PTZ camera modes


but_plus - Zoom in video image

but_minus  - Zoom out the video image

but_up - Tilt the camera lens up

but_down  - Tilt the camera lens down

but_left  - Turn camera lens left

but_right - Turn camera lens right


When one of the modes of operation with a PTZ camera is activated, the appearance of the icon changes, for example, from but_down to but_down_blue. At the end of the movement, the original appearance is restored. To fix the position of the camera (turn off the mode), you must press the selected button again.