- A -

Automatic creation of objects

- C -

Correction of object metrics

Cross-linking of area objects

Cutting borders (isolines and borders)

Cutting linear objects for maps printing

Cutting of additional isolines

Cutting the administrative borders

- D -

Data editing

Dialog view

Discharge of signing points

- E -

Example of result of processing

Export of a vector map to formats SXF

- F -

Filling semantics

- I -

Import of data list from SXF format

Import of vector maps formats SXF, TXF, DIR

Intersecting objects

- M -

Map processing by scenario

Map updating from formats SXF, TXF, DIR, MAP, SIT

- P -

Processing objects by priority

- R -

Removing associated signs

- S -

Setting process set parameters


Structure of the script parameters file

- V -

Vector objects offset

Vector objects orientation

Verification of sheets frames