- A -

Addition in the document of the files from a directory

Appear license

- B -

Background color

Building of a profile along a line

Building of a visibility area by a matrix of heights as the raster image

- C -

Calculation of absolute heigh

Calculations by character semantics

Calculations on semantics of selected objects

Change of a semantic code

Choice of a nomenclature sheet

Choice of mode of data processing

Choice of object sample

Class for processing selected objects

Common parameters

Conditions of the program execution at connecting to the spatial databases, controlled by the DBMS

Controlling a conventional symbol of object on a map

Coordinate system of the spatial objects description

Creating and selecting lists of objects on the map

Creating legend of matrix

Creation and editing of map object's metrics

Creation of user map

Creation under scenario

Customizing options of view of a spatial database


Cut out objects by lists

- D -


Development of scripts in python and MAPAPI

Diagnostic messages when executing the script

Display of results

Displaying the results of script execution

- E -

Editing object semantics

Editing semantics of objects list

Editing text semantics

Executing calculations by the road graph

Executing multithreaded scripts

Executing Python scripts

- F -

Formation of XSD scheme by classifier

- G -

General information

GIS Server data

Go to

Grid on a map

- H -

Hot keys

- I -

Information about object

- J -

Joining of objects by lists

- L -

Label editing

List of embedded documents (cuts)

List of maps for atlas

Loading coordinates from a text file

- M -

Map Editor options

Measurement of distances (construction of orthodrome)

Moving to a preset point

- O -

Open a map from the database

Organization of the presentation of object's attributes on the map

Organization of view of object's coordinates on the map

- P -

Parameters of autofigures

Parameters of border

Parameters of tracing


Processing semantics (attributes) of objects in python

Processing the message about document updating on the server

- R -

Recommended python script structure

Restrictions on editing of the data

Restrictions on the composition of fields and their type

Restrictions on types of the spatial objects description

Restrictions when working with spatial databases

Running a script in debugging mode

Running applications

- S -

Seek point by point, azimuth and distance, seek azimuth by two points

Select group of objects

Select objects by own name

Selection of graphic objects by image

Semantics replacement for marked objects

Semantics value duplication

Setting image size and scale

Settings for copy of objects to other map

Specifics of working with ArcSDE geodatabases in Oracle databases

Specifics of working with Oracle DBMS

Specifics of working with PostgreSQL DBMS

Structure of applied scheme

Structure of the main panel

- T -

To set mode of displaying the metrics of object in the form of a spline

Tracking changes in a spatial database using the change log

- U -

Undo last operation

User vector map

- V -


View of border

- W -

Write down selected objects into the report